I have recently voice my displeasure in sgfunds.com on the lack of dental insurance in Singapore. I asked why dental insurance is not offered to individuals and the replies I received were that dental is not as important as critical illness, disability or accident and the premiums will be too high. This article published in Today best emphasis why I deem Dental Insurance as important.

Help the Elderly regain their bite
Letter from Serena Low

RECENTLY, as I was watching the news, there was a feature on cosmetic dental surgery. The report was about how more elderly folk were going for cosmetic dental surgery such as implants and veneers to make them look younger.

Of course, the treatments and procedures don’t come cheap.

The dental surgeons featured talked about how cosmetic dental surgery will have to go along with other cosmetic procedures such as botox and face-lifts. It mentioned that this would be a booming market given Singapore’s increasingly aging population.

Still, I wonder how many of the old folk we see around us can actually afford this surgery.

I have an elderly aunt who has lost her teeth, and can’t afford the thousands of dollars needed to make a set of implants or dentures. As a result, she can only take liquid food or food that is finely chopped up.

She is not alone in this.

Looking around the hawker centres and coffeshops, the sight of the elderly having difficulty eating due to loose or lost teeth is common.
With health and dental costs going up, many can’t afford to make well-fitting dentures and implants or veneers.

Can something be done to help them enjoy their food again without it costing them an arm and a let. given that they have already lost their bite.

Why only the elderly? Simply because they do not have the money to go for treatment during the early stages. I already have friends in their late twenties who have their teeth extracted but could not afford to go for implants. This will eventually lead to more dental problems. If only dental treatments can be made affordable – is insurance the key?