By: Derek Lim

If not for the Adrian’s comments, I would have miss out his blog – Health and Wealth and also the chance to share his views with my readers. Here are his latest views on retirement.

By: Adrian Khiat
Can we really retire comfortably? (1)
Let me first analyse this Retirement Issue from the CPF perspective in this posting.

Many Singaporeans thought that they can depend on CPF savings for retirement. It is true if the money was not used for anything else, like a single who never purchase a property. However for most, a lot of CPF funds are used before the retirement fund really start accumulating. Read more…

Can we really retire comfortably? (2)
The 2nd posting on this topic is with regards to policies that typical Singaporeans have.
I normally do 4 basic financial planning groundwork for a prospect. Read more…

Can we really retire comfortably? (3)
The 3rd barrier Singaporeans faced is the misconception of Financial Planning and the Execution of a wrong Financial Plan which they DIY themselves. Read more…

Can we really retire comfortably? (4)
The last barrier I like to share about is the “Inadequacy of Financial Planners in Singapore”.

Insurance and Investment products are distributed mainly by 3 channels: Tied Agencies, Bancassurance and Independent Financial Advisers with Tied agencies and Bancassurance as the current major players. Read more…