By: Adrian Khiat

I, being a concerned policyholder of NTUC Income and was eager to see some fireworks between the 2 Tans, I went to the 38th NTUC Income AGM in NTUC Centre today.
Here the meeting goes
I arrived at 5:40pm, registered and went for tea and Polar cream cakes and curry puff at the reception area. There are many people which I think nearly 1/3 are NTUC Income Staffs and Consultants. All of us were enjoying the scenery of the IR construction while enjoying the refreshments. I estimated that around 400 people turned up for this AGM.
The meeting started at 6:15pm as Chairman Ng Kee Choe begin his opening address and subsequent assurance regarding the Change of Bonus Scheme which is for the good of Policyholders.
Shortly after his speech, Mr Tan Kin Lian went to the nearest Microphone and began his 5 minutes talk about his meeting with Lim Boon Heng and Matthias Yeo and his decision to withdraw the collective protest. He maintains that he do not agree to the scheme but will continue to observe the company as a policyholder. There was a loud applause when he announced the decision to withdraw the collective protest. (Perhaps, mostly are NTUC Income people). Read more…