La Papillion never fails to bring a smile to my face when he presents his annual or in this case his bi-annual results. I thought that his article – Chairman’s message for FY 2007 is one of his wittiest but he has out done himself.

By: La Papillion
Dear shareholders,

I am pleased to announce the half year results of Bullythebear for the financial year ending 31st December, 2008.

It was an exciting half year for Bullythebear, with the many changes to serve our shareholders better. There is a major change in the theme of the website, from the older blue/green background to the present black/red outlook. If the new look irked some shareholders, I will take personal responsibility for it. The reason for the change was outlined in previous announcement, but perhaps it’s a good idea to re-iterate the points here again.

Bullythebear was incorporated in December 2006. The newest change to the black/red theme is the latest change to serve our shareholders better as Bullythebear had outgrown the older template. This is very much in line with the change in business direction as Bullythebear transits from technical analysis to fundamental analysis. No longer is bullythebear concerned about daily market movement and a cursory reading of the posts made in first half of FY08 confirms that.

Here are the results so far for Bullythebear: Read more…