By: La Papillion

I sold off Yongnam shares yesterday, taking advantage of the 152 pt rise in DJ the night before to dump out all my holdings. I’m still holding Yongnam warrants still though. Those are really low cost and can be converted to yongnam should the situation becomes more favourable in the future. I’ll take my time on those.

Irrational story
I woke up in the morning, feeling that I seriously need to trim the weeds of my investment garden. I’ve always been toying around the idea that I have to throw off yongnam since I bought at such a high price. Nothing moves it anymore and I realise construction isn’t what I would like to have in the long run. Price had been moving downwards, but within range of 0.165 to 0.150.

I ran through the annual report 2007, worked out a few ratios and convinced myself that I am going to sell it at 0.160. I keyed in my orders to sell at buy price, as I do not want to wait anymore, lest I have seller’s remorse and withdrew my order. Besides, the volume of the sell queue is quite huge and the volume of buy queue is low. I can’t afford to wait as I’m afraid there will be a sudden sell down to push the price down 1 bid. Might as well sell it straight at buy price.

Once I sold it, I felt relieved. Finally threw my ‘one ring’ into the pits of Mount Doom, into the fires of Mordor!

Rational story
I bought Yongnam in two tranches – one is at 0.345 and another at 0.435, giving me an average buy in price of 0.390. It was 2006 then, and I do not know what is the use of looking at earnings. Had I looked at it then, I would have realised that the PE at the time of purchase is 54x – I’m too optimistic about the future of yongnam!
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