By: musicwhiz

The circular for the proposed scrip dividend scheme implemented by Pacific Andes (PAH) had just arrived yesterday, and I spent some time reading it and digesting the facts; and some more time after that lying in bed thinking about the ramifications, possible effects and choice to be made. Suffice to say that this scheme is new to me as well as I had never invested in a company which came up with a scrip dividend scheme before, and I am now analyzing this scheme using my own understanding of how it works (as described in the circular) as well as my own personal interpretation of the merits and demerits of this scheme.

First of all, some of the salient points in this scheme should be mentioned:-

a) The scrip dividend scheme is optional. This means that shareholders can opt for the cash dividend or for the scrips, depending on their preference. They can also issue a standing order for all future dividends to be paid out as scrips, which can be terminated at any time in writing should the shareholder wish to revert back to receiving the dividend in cash.
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