By: Drizzt

I haven’t check out some companies that i analyzed in the past, possibly due to work and not giving a damn about finding companies for a couple of months.

Thats when i really felt in the mood to look for something to buy should the market snap back. I notice Orient Century again.

Back some time ago, I analyzed the full year earnings of Orient Century, and i state that it has a good cashflow yield, return on investment capital and a solid balance sheet.

since then it has fallen alot. Last i check, it fell to 38.5 cts. So what went wrong?

Judging by the last quarterly report, nothing much! Most price fall nowadays can be attributed to systematic market volatility.

Lets look at the quarterly report. Relatively speaking, the profits are largely the same as last year quarter. Thats what you expect from education industry, where if you don’t price yourself out of it, business tend to be stable. Read more…