Someone wrote in Tan Kin Lian’s blog on his claim experience. Pretty interesting and be sure to read about the comments from other readers.

Dear Income

I am delighted to receive the claims discharge voucher and cheque. I am extremely thankful for my resolved dispute, but, regrettedly my problem was only solved after I see the MP and approached Mr Tan Kin Lian. Why can’t X solve my problem 4 months ago in a friendly manner? I want to be a kind and friendly person, why must he force me to be a typical complainingly Singaporean?

In April 2008, after calling the hotline, X got back to me and said confidently “I have checked the claims. EVERYTHING IS CORRECT”. He probably thought I am a fool and he can bluff me by telling me that. I then sent him all the proofs of my claim dispute, but he played pattern to me for the past 4 months by telling me:

“Still processing”
“Waiting for hospital to resubmit claims”
“still processing”
“still doing”
“Waiting for officer in charge to finalise claims” (i said “huh? i thought u r the officer in charge?”)

Recently X told me that the officer in charge is Y, another person. I got her contact and called her, but over the phone she did not know my case. Hence the past 4months basically nothing was done, except X’s smoking words. I am very sure X “played pingpong” and push the whole matter to another junior officer after failing to smoke me and shake me away for 4months. Read more…