By: La Papillion

What an interesting forum!

Someone launching attack on FA people on huatopedia. Basically, millionairemind is trying to question an assumption held by some- that there is a PE where the stock will not go any lower. The thread is about busting common investing myths – excellent discussion going on there :)

He argued that,

“If a stock you are looking at has a PE ratio of 6 and growing at a reasonable 10-15% a year, with low debts, would you buy it??? Sure, most FA will say… Remember, the value of a company is what the market prices it at…

If you have bought it at a PE ratio of 6 around 50cts… you would have lost 60% OF YOURE INVESTMENTS BY NOW!!! Would you buy more at say 50cts?? How about 40cts?? 30cts??? It is now 20cts and change. It has a PE ratio of around 3 now. And the SAD news is that this is NOT A MONEY LOSING COMPANY!

The 9months earnings so far is up about 25% YOY. The earnings is of course decelerating but not the company is not making a loss… that is what I mean by the market always knows better and without institutional support, the stock will not move.”

Well…let me try to piece up a feeble defence. I have no presumption that I know anything. But firstly, I don’t buy just based on PE. In fact, PE is just one of the way I used to calculate the rough range in which the stock will trade. It will never be a valid reason to buy just based entirely on PE. To me, it’s a little over-rated. Secondly, it just got IPO-ed on 8th August 2007, meaning that it’s just slightly short of 1 year. I personally won’t buy IPO stocks (because no matter how much I tikam, I always didn’t get any lots!) because the results could be adjusted to ‘prepare’ for the IPO. I prefer to have it for 5 years at least to have a feel of the company’s business before even entering it.I tried to search for China Hongcheng results – they only have from FY06 to FY07, and 1st to 3rd quarter FY08. Let me ignore quarterly results for now.I hate doing companies with very short history. Since FY06 is pre-IPO, we mustn’t treat it too seriously – this means only one year worth of data. Read more…