Price movement of DBS shares over the past month

DBS Chart by Level13
DBS Chart by Level13

The price of DBS has fluctuated greatly in the past 1 month or so. This increase in volatility has benefited short term traders. Fundamentally, there is no change in the business condition and environment that DBS is operating in. All said, these movements are not unexpected and can be anticipated if one is able to understand the effects of corporate actions and read the market well.

I am not suggesting that the share price is being manipulated. The point I want to make is that there are certain ‘invisible hands’ in the market (how else do you explain the buying of 100-200 lots at one go) and their buying and selling stirs up the volume and interest of this counter.

In the period straight after the rights announcement was made on 22 Dec 2008, the share price went down as the public reacts to the fact that DBS needed a capital boost and upon conversion, the rights will dilute future EPS and dividend payout.

After the initial fall, the share price went up under higher volume in the last week of Dec before the ex-rights date as the investors went in knowing that they will be entitled to the rights and they (the rights) can be sold in the open market in the event that the shareholders do not wish to hold them. The share price continue to firm in the first few days of Jan as investors are aware that it is in their interest for the price to remain high so that the rights can be disposed off for a substantial amount in the near future. Read more…

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