This posting is to follow up on the latest development of Bright World. BW just announced its financial results for FY2008 last friday. As i have expected all along, they are able to meet the profit requirement of RMB18 million for Q4 2008. Pls refer to the links below for my earlier posting:

Having a profit after tax of at least 91% of what was achieved in FY2007, BW has successfully overcome a large hurdle in ensuring that the takeover by CHAC turns out to be a reality. Of course at this moment, nothing is firmed up yet. There are still pre-conditions to be fulfilled. The obstacle that everyone will focus on now will be the shareholders’ meeting organised by CHAC. In that meeting, which will take place before 10th March, CHAC shareholders will vote on the takeover offer. The green light from the authorities on both sides should also be made known in March. Once all these have been passed and approved, the share price of BW should move up towards the $0.70 region.

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Source: Level13 Financial Ramblings