Photo by orangeacid

Photo by orangeacid

In this turmoil, I met a number of people in roadshows saying that they have been “burnt” by their investments.

Practically, they have lose money in shares, lose money in funds, lose money in forex, lose money in anywhere….practically all losing money in their INVESTMENTS.

Well, I got 2 news, if you belong to the group who practically lose money in funds. I got good news, and I got bad news for you.

Bad news? You already doomed yourself of losing money, if you SELL today. Yes….You realised your net loss by selling your units at a cheaper price (bid price) than your buying price (offer price).

It is no brainer, if you buy your apple at $2 AND THEN YOU SELL IT FOR $1, you confirm realize your loss. You dont have to be an investment guru to know that.

Good news? You are a smart investor if you hold on to your units right now, and do top up to take advantage of buying the cheap units. Come on, if you buy your apple at $2 and now it cost $0.80 due to recession, poor market sentiments blablabla… it a good bargain? Read more…