Pay 83% premium for hope?

Photo by Level13 Financial Ramblings
Photo by Level13 Financial Ramblings

The Singapore stock market has gone spectacularly over the past few months. It would be foolhardy to say otherwise. Apparently, the sense of optimism is now so strong that some speculators are willing to pay a premium of 83% for hope.

Enporis Greenz Limited was formally known as Seksun Corporation Limited, which was principally involved in the manufacture of high-precision metal components and contract manufacturing for the electronics industry, with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and the USA. In October 2007, the Company announced the sale of substantially the whole of its assets and business undertakings to Supernova Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Following the completion of the sale in February 2008, the Company remained listed on the SGX Mainboard and was renamed as Enporis Greenz Limited. Currently, it is a shell company with no operating business to speak of. The Company continues to explore and assess various investment options to seek viable opportunities in other areas of business.

According to the Listing Manual, the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) may remove the Company from the Official List if it is unable to acquire a new business satisfying the requirements for a new listing within 12 months from the time it becomes a cash company. On 30th Jan 2009, the Company managed to obtain an extension of time of 6 months from 31 January 2009 to continue their search of a new business. In the event the Company does not obtain ETL or proceed with the RTO, the SGX-ST will not grant further extension and will proceed to delist the Company. Read more…

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