Photo by Pixel Addict

Photo by Pixel Addict

With this, I officially threw in the towel on Tsit Wing, making a meagre 8.5% (taking dividend into account) over 3 years. I could either continue to wait for their restructuring efforts to pay off (assuming they aren’t taken private successfully) or look somewhere. I chose the latter given the lack of visibility on how long the wait could be amid deteriorating performance, beginning even before the financial crisis started.

Food Junction

As the world economies embark on the uneven road towards recovery, opportunities to invest in cyclical businesses trapped in cyclical doldrums get harder to come by. After SPC, Courage Marine and CH Offshore, I had to look elsewhere and turned my attention towards stable, recovering businesses that is still thinly traded to signify lack of interest… yet. Re-investment into Super Coffeemix marked the beginning to this change of approach and Food Junction is the second one.

Business performance

If profit after tax (excluding other income) for 4Q exceed $595,000, I will be quite confident they are on the road towards a more convincing performance in 2010 and beyond, riding on the wave of economic recovery in Singapore and the region.

Reasons to be optimistic
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