Heads you win. Tails I lose!!!

Photo by hillman54
Photo by hillman54

I have to interupt the dummies posting with this latest development from one of the S-chip companies. The majority owner of China Precision has decided to take the company private by offering S$0.28 to buy back all existing shares it does not not own. I am not a stakeholder in China Precision. Nevertheless, ALL MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS SHOULD REJECT THIS OFFER!

Why do I say that? Below are some reasons which i believe will support my view.
1) The company’s IPO took place in May 2006 at a price of S$0.30. The exit offer is at a discount of 6.7%. This means that shareholders who held on to the shares since IPO will make a loss (lets exclude the dividends for the time being).

2) As of the latest financial report ending 30th June 2009, the net asset value (NAV) of the company is S$0.32 per share. Based on this, the exit offer is at a discount of 12.5%. Read more…

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