Photo from Createwealth Blog

Photo from Createwealth Blog

This is the Symbolic Picture of Growing Money Tree in My Profile –

It helps me to visualize why am I actively Invest or Trade.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

Common saying: Money Is Not Yours Until You Spend It. (or someone else will spend it for you)

And I said: Profit Is Not Yours Until You Realize It. (or Mr. Market may take it back unexpectedly)

Take a good look at the components of a Portfolio:

Mathematically, LHS (Left Hand Side) = RHS (Right Hand Side)

LHS = Current Value of All the Stocks in our Portfolio + Available Cash left for investing or trading.

RHS = Total Investing Capital + Realized P/L + Unrealized P/L

Our Job in Investing is to grow this Money Tree (Portfolio) as fast as possible and then pluck the Money Fruits and store it away safely in the House.
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