Photo by laffy4k

Photo by laffy4k

Looking into crystal balls can be hazardous to health because they give you signs of what might be and not what will be. Usually cryptic and sometimes perverse, it’s best to avoid these magical objects. However, being human, I have the failings of our kind, the type of failings which got us kicked out of Paradise in the first instance.

In a post dated 12 Jan, I wondered if a correction was at hand and on 13 Jan, it looked as if a correction was underway. For a recap, please seeConfirming the signs. However, on 14 Jan, things did a u-turn and that got people wondering if there would be more upside to come.

To me, the recent ups and downs of the STI is a sign that a correction is probably going to happen. A 3000 points initial target which so many analysts have talked about is so near and yet so far. The market is grudging and unwilling to give bulls the satisfaction (yet). Analysts have also talked about a 3300 points eventual target for the STI by end 2010. That’s a mere 10% from where we are now.

Marc Faber, in an interview with Yahoo! Finance on 13 Jan said that he is no longer bullish on stocks because everyone is now bullish on stocks. Marc is a shrewd contrarian who has been proven right time and time again. He made the observation that many stocks’ prices are flattening out and that once the momentum fizzles out, momentum players who are in the market for the upward momentum and not to hold long term positions, will pull out and they will pull out fast! We will then have a correction in earnest. It would be prudent for us to take Marc’s views seriously. Read more…