Photo by kevincollins

Photo by kevincollins

Regardless of institutional or retail investors, chances are, they would have committed these sins at one point or another.

1) Placing forecasting at the very heart of the investment process.
An enormous amount of evidence suggests that investors are generally hopeless at forecasting. So using forecasts as an integral part of the investment process is like tying one hand behind your back before you start.

2) Investors seem to be obsessed with information.
Instead of focusing on a few important factors (such as valuations and earnings quality), many investors spend countless hours trying to become experts about almost everything. The evidence suggests that in general more information just makes us increasingly over-confident rather than better at making decisions.

3) The insistence of spending hours meeting company managements
We arent good at looking for information that will prove us to be wrong. So most of the time, these meetings are likely to be mutual love ins. Our ability to spot deception is also very poor, so we wont even spot who is lying. Read more…