The month of May reminds me of the Thai Protest in March when Blood was spilled on the government gates because it was all red. All the indices I’m monitoring are in negative territory in 2010 after a bloody month in May. I had added 3 new indices namely Korea Kopsi, Russia TRS as well as the US Consumer’s Sentiment index.
1st Minute – Let us go through the indices
a) It was all red for the month of May with the Emerging Markets dropping as much as 12-14% and developed markets by 9-11%.
b) Generally, if you started investing in global or asia equities from October last year, you are most likely losing money today.
c) Blend Crude prices shoot down 15% to $73.1/barrel. The lowest point was on 25th May at $63.18/Barrel. It shows how oil prices are determined by sentiments and not so much by supply and demand.
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