Shopping vs Investing, behaviour peculiarity

Photo by erix!
Photo by erix!


Whenever there is some genuine sale giving ‘huge’ discounts, e.g. 50%, 70% off original price. There’ll always be enthusiastic crowds grabbing the items as if things are going for free. I recently encountered one for branded handbags near my working area. Most shoppers are predominantly ladies who seems to have a mental database of each item and their prices. They knew their ‘true’ worth and face no problem telling which are the real bargains. Thus seldom do I see them regret their purchases.

Stock market sale

While Great Singapore, Christmas sale happens regularly once a year and some sales never seem to end (e.g. Courts), sales in the stock market occur much more unpredictable and sporadic. In contrast to sales in Orchard Road that drew crowds, sales in the stock market scare away people. The greater the discount, the thinner the trading volume. Read more…

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