The yearn for financial independence

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Have you heard from Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad?

“Have you heard from Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad?..” I heard this many times and this has ALWAYS been the starting line to introduce some MLM (Mulit-level marketing), land banking or other ‘alternative’ paths to financial independence quickly. I get to hear this again just a few days ago. My wife’s friend offer to share with us, over breakfast, a business scheme that will bring us to financial Independence in 2-5 years. Her only prerequisite for participants who want to benefit from this business is to sacrifice several hours a week. My alarm bell went off immediately when she mention 2-5 years and rang even louder at the weekly effort required to succeed in the business. Anyway, it didn’t take long before she got to the point, being a sales agent for Amway… and of course, nothing fruitful emerge at the end. Anyway, tt seems to me that my wife had an affinity with acquaintances, friends or colleagues dealing with MLM business. Recently, while accompanying my wife to meet up with her piano blog reader on a premise for some discussion (she thought it has to do with piano or music in general) that turn out to be a presentation on e-spring water filter system, which also happen to be another product from, yes Amway again. Read more…

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