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Prior constructing an investment portfolio for my clients, I will normally access the “WANTS” for them. This “WANTS”, not only implies what they wants in their life, it is actually my Acronym for their
“Time Horizon” and

Only after determining the WANTS, will I be able to ensure what I recommend will be suitable for them in their long term financial interest.

I often hear how my clients lament on how they lost in their previous investments and swear to themselves that they will never invest again. It is also not uncommon to see people putting all their money in banks and cite the need for emergency use. Everyone have different experiences and upbringing with regards to investments and hence we cannot put all in one single category in term of Willingness to take risk.
“Willingness” is more of a psychological part of investing. Some people need to be counselled on why they have to be more willing to take sime risk. They either have to see the needs or they have to understand why investing is not that risky all the time. Contrary, some people are too willing to take risk when they don’t have the ability or the need. Read more…