I always thought that First REIT is a small REIT that not much investors in Singapore hears of. And for small companies, their disclosure is minimal to the extend that they seem to only want to comply with SGX or accounting disclosures and be done with it.

So it is to my surprise that for their rights issue to purchase 2 more hospitals, their circular release is so comprehensive that you can get an education of the healthcare sector in Indonesia!

You can download and read the full part 2 of the circular here.

A summary of covered topics:

  1. Indonesia Healthcare Status
  2. Healthcare Expenditures as a part of GDP
  3. Healthcare Infrastructures
  4. Drivers of the healthcare services market and their impacts
  5. Regulatory Framework and Government Policy Review
  6. Overview of Jakarta’s Oncology and Accident and Emergency Space
  7. Overview of Mochtar Riady Comprehensive Cancer Center and Siloam Hospitals Lippo Cikarang
  8. Master Leases