Portfolio update for Q4 2010

The past 3 to 4 months is a rather rewarding period for me. I had been busy restructuring portfolio and at times, havesting the sweet returns from the seedlings planted during the recent global financial crisis.

Switched from Food Junction to Food Empire on 16 August 2010

While Food Junction continue to struggle in its food court and F&B segments (~2% drop in revenue and 20+% drop in profit), Food Empire’s business surprisingly rebounded with a spectular recovery of 60% increase in revenue and nearly 70 fold increase in profits. Fortunately, food junction is very thinly traded all these while that I’ve invested so that I didn’t really suffer material loss on the sale. Even more furtunate that no one seemingly cared how well Food Empire recovered so that I can buy more of its shares cheaply. If I can trust their opinions about their business outlook, I’d rather bet …

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