Its Christmas time and I have 4 days of free days so what better way then to spend a morning writing up this company I chance upon.

Company Profile

Not many would be familiar with the name Pertama Holdings. Pertama is a retailer of electronic goods sold to consumers with a brick and mortar front end.

It runs 12 Electronic Stores in Singapore and 6 Electronic Stores in Malaysia.

You have never seen it’s store? Well, the reason is probably because it doesn’t have much of a store. Back 8 years ago, its got only one store that I am able to find in Funan Mall.

What happens is that in 1999 Harvey Norman Holding Limited did a reverse takeover of Pertama Holdings, there after it operates as Harvey Norman instead of Pertama but its still named as Pertama

Super Low Margin Business

Harvey Norman’s margin is really low at …