4 Potential Dividend Stocks that might spring to life in 2011 – SIA,Starhub,CDL Hospitality and SMRT

When the easy money have been made, one strategy is to hold stocks that were beaten down but still above the 200 day moving average. Here are my picks:


This dividend yield stock yields 4.1% and have been in correction mode for sometime due to higher operational cost.

I don’t think fundamentally there is anything wrong with SMRT but the upside is limited. We are looking to hold this in a muddle through economy but the chart pattern looks very similar to when its at $1.30.

I can live with a 4.1% yield if there is enough capital appreciation.


Starhub is a stock that I am vested at an average of $2.17.[Starhub Analysis >] Would I buy it now for yield? I think if it’s a 20 cents dividend current yield is 7.8% if its 18 cents current yield is

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