Read? Measure, Measure, Measure (4) – Revisit

Someone said to me: “Just started to follow your excellent blog. If I’m successful, will definitely buy u a few cups of kopi.”

How do we measure our success in investing in the stock market? If they can’t measure their success, I will never get my kopi? LOL!

Read? Portfolio Management – Measuring your success!

So generally, we may measure our success in investing in the stock market in two ways:

  1. Sustainability: e.g. beating bank FD rate, inflation rate or passive income streams.
  2. Progressive: e.g. building up kid’s university fund, retirement fund or financial independence.

While our investing goals may have not changed; but the market condition with its opportunities, risks and dangers is ever changing. We must be honest and realistic with our investing strategies and methods. What may be working and rewarding for us in 2009/2010 may not be working well towards …