Just for Thinking …

Some of you may at first guessed that Createwealth8888 has some background in Financials or Accounting.

Yeap, you may be somewhat “right”. The only background that I have with Accounting was sadly walking around and taking the last look at the compound of School of Accountancy in then the University of Singapore after submitting my letter of withdrawal from the course to the admin clerk.

Read? Parents can be an Asset or Liability to the children?

To further educate myself on financial and investment knowledge, I have visited the book-shelf in “Finance and Investment” section in all NLB branches that are located near MRT stations.

Some people may find that all finance and investment books are more or less the “SAME” and stop reading them. But, I am still reading them whenever I come across any unread book and hoping to find one or two new ideas presented by the authors….