In my last trading report card, I said I intended to hold out stocks for a longer period of time. I was bullish (and still am), and had bought some stocks before Chinese New Year. On hindsight, you would know that the market was quite terrible for the past few weeks. But it was something that I could handle emotionally even though the capital did draw down quite a bit.

But I still traded 3 stocks despite what was mentioned in the last report card:

  • Golden Agriculture – Bought 0.745 and sold 0.680 (loss = $670)
  • CH Offshore – Sold 0.485 and bought 0.500 (loss = $170)
  • Biosensors – Bought 1.17 and sold 1.09 (loss = $440)

Total realized loss for Feb 2011 is S$1,280.

Now looking at the stocks that I am investing (as of 28 Feb 11)

  • Breadtalk – Bought 0….