Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Trust……should you subscribe for this huge IPO ??
Thursday, 10 March, 2011  8:29 AM
Posted by Kevin Scully

 I have been asked by a number of investors whether they should invest in the HPH Trust IPO.  Investors should read the HPH IPO Prospectus before investing and even after reading my comments.  Like most prospectuses, its hard to read and for this IPO the risk factors cover more than 40 pages.  If you dont know how or dont have time to read the prospectus, you can watch my webcast which I did with the SGX at the webcast link.  It summarises the important facts about the IPO but I wasnt able/allowed to give my personal opinion – its factual.  For my comments you can read below.

 My key comments are as follows:

a) its a very large IPO so dont invest …