Here is an interesting pic gotten off Barry Ritholtz’s site. When we discussed SPH future and why the need to capture all other mediums where people heavily visited frequently, we did not discuss much about how successful were those and ventures.

New Online Sources proves a bigger pull than traditional news papers Online Publishing Small vs Big Brands

It would seem that the internet have given a rise to new media groups such as Gawker, Tech Meme and Engadget. Sites created by traditional sources such as New York Times and BBC were much smaller.

Remember that AOL acquired Engadget. They are not a traditional press source but still Gawker grew so strongly because blogs became really big as content providers.

However, ask a sample of your population and they will still say more visited traditional sources such as BBC and New York Times.

What I feel is that while what SPH is doing is good, they are not adding value to brands. …