Read? Last Report: Full Year 2010

Year Goal Hit Rate

(In 2003, I set some bullish progressive year goals from 2003 to 2011 and 2011 Year Goal is 76.8% of 2010 Total Salary including all CPF contributions. Quite a big goal to achieve!)

Year Goal Hit Rate fell by -13.6% from 19.2% in Q1 FY 10 to 5.6% in Q1 FY 11. 

The poor goal hit was due to lack of new trading positions in the quarter and rolling forward the realization of profits to next quarter for Olam and Noble.

Active Investing Performance

Since Nov 08 after I have given up active contra trading and revised my active investing/trading strategies.

Performance indicators are as follows:

Historical ROC per Trade Distribution
Going forward, I think the days of high double digit ROC are likely to be over so I must be happy to get high single digit ROC.