On Friday, Genting SP re-tests the resistance at $2.08 and closed at $2.06 with LOW volume of 47.29 million shares traded.

A candle sticks with long upper shadow similar to a “shooting star” affirms that the rally has lost its strength as it approach the resistance at $2.08.

RSI & MACD are turning flat as RSI trend sideway.

Immediate Resistance of Genting SP: $2.08

Immediate Support of Genting: $2.01

Currently prices are resisted by 100 days MA at $2.08 and supported by 50 days MA at $2.01.

On 30 Mar, prices breakout of $2.01 resistance with high volume to boost the confidence of the investors.

However on 31/Mar and 01/April, Genting SP traded under very low volume and investor began to take profit upon reaching $2.08 resistance.

The momentum of the rally is clearly gone thus do watch this stock …