Sometimes I wonder why I do not have MapleTree Industrial Trust (MIT) and MapleTree Logistics Trust (MLT).  Both of them have a strong sponsor, “MapleTree Investments”, which in turn is owned by Temasek Holdings, which in turn is owned by the Singapore government. The yield is decent.  The stock price is affordable. So, what am I waiting for? 

Honestly, I have no idea too. MIT and MLT just do not seem appealing to me. I prefer retail, office and healthcare REITs. I just feel that the demand for retail space, office space and healthcare facilities will always be strong. But “industrial” and “logistics”. Ermmm…… I am not sure.

Now, MapleTree is listing a commercial/retail trust called “MapleTree Commercial Trust” (MCT). Some tentative information:

  • Yield: 5.47% – 5.92% (FY11) and 5.96% – 6.46% (FY12)
  • Price: $0.84 – $0.91
  • Properties:  Vivo City, Bank of America …