CapitaMalls Asia retreated 5c or 2.7% today, closing at $1.79 after touching a low of $1.78. Question on the minds of many people would be whether it would go lower? Who knows for sure? Looking at the daily chart, it is clear that $1.78 is an important support defined by the 50dMA as well as the 61.8% Fibo fan line.

Looking at the ADX, the suggestion is that there is no trend per se. In such a situation, look to the Stochastics and we see that it is gently declining but it is not oversold. Look then to the OBV and it does not show any distribution. In fact, since 15 March, the picture is more of accumulation than distribution. The volume today was not very heavy although a black candle was formed. 

If we believe that CapitaMalls Asia has gone into a range …