So HDB prices are not overly expensive but everybody blames our Govt for the pitiful state of things. Now new couples cannot afford HDB, not to mention low and middle income families, old folks, the disadvantaged. If they cannot afford HDB, where are they going to live? How are they going to survive? The sentiment on the ground is definitely very different from what we have established in the last post.

We shall look at a few issues that might shed some light into the disconnect:

1. Then and Now
2. Sour Raisins
3. Policy Blunders
4. Broken Dreams

Then and Now. Most people have great memory with regard to two things: their salaries over the years and their home prices. This point illustrates how the Price to Income has changed for HDB over the years. Long long time ago (like the 1970s), as the older generation would tell us, …