The market has rebounded a little in the month of Apr 11. The unusual thing is we start to see penny stocks like Dyna-Mac, Tuan Sing and Fragrance jump up by double-digit percentage. Silver also continued to reach new highs. I used some leverage for some of my investment stocks and have decided to wind them down since some of them have reached their historical high and I expected them to stay below that price for a while. I may buy them back during the next price consolidation. Also, many companies are giving out dividends to their shareholders as the financial year came to a close.

Here are the stocks that I am investing (current prices are quoted as of 29 Apr 11 and not inclusive of dividends payout).

  • Breadtalk – Bought 0.59, now 0.63 (+6.8%)
  • Chip Eng Seng – Bought 0.415, now 0.53 …