Change for Financial Freedom


I’ve taken a short break from blogging about personal finance because I’m helping out with one of the political parties during General Elections 2011. I also had an opportunity to vote this time around because during General Elections 2006, my constituency was a walk-over GRC.

I’m glad that the opposition Workers’ Party has made gains in Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC to provide some level of alternative voice in Parliament to the ruling People’s Action Party that continues to dominate Parliament and form the Government of the day.

The key takeaway for General Elections 2011 is that people want change. Those who voted for the opposition want there to be changes in how policies that affect our lives such as foreign immigration, rising cost of living, shrinking CPF retirement funds, soaring public housing prices and transportation crush encountered when we commute to work or school in our lives.

Financial Freedom …

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