I was Google-ing something when a sponsored link from Company P appeared at the top. Well, curious, I followed the link to the Company website advertising a Super Growth plan. Wondering what was so Super about it, I scrolled down and checked out the illustration. I couldn’t believe what I saw, a single premium of about $100k would become close to $700k by age 62. It attracted me enough to do a little math.

Indeed a Super return. So I decided to punch some numbers and $100k compounded at 9% for 27 years (62 – 35) is actually $1mil! Where did $300k (30%) “disappear” to? And for $100k to become $700k it is only a 7.47% pa return.

Anyway, I also wondered if 9% compounded returns for 27 years is really achievable by unit trusts. So I did a quick search on FSM for funds that have achieved above …