I had an interesting discussion this afternoon on the cbox today about all stocks diving in SGX. One of the worst performers today was Neptune Orient Lines. As we like to say on the cbox, NOL has diversified into building submarines. :P

I think this song is pretty apt for what is happening now:

Being bored at work, I took the liberty to see the worst performing STI components over the past 52-weeks, these are the results for the STI diving contest:

Winner: CapMallsAsia. 52-week high: 2.33 Close: 1.46
Representing a dive of 37.33%

1st Runner Up: Neptune Orient Lines. 52-week high: 2.40 Close: 1.53
Representing a dive of 36.25%

2nd Runner Up: Capitaland. 52-week high: 4.23 Close: 2.87
Representing a dive of 32.15%

Consolation Prizes:

Singapore Exchange. 52-week high: 10.26 Close: 7.28
Representing a dive of 29.05%