Singapore Property News This Week #4

Here’s our summary of the important residential, commercial and industrial news this week. We hope this helps you to save time catching up on the news!


Slower home sales reported last week but sellers remain firm on their pricing

Minister Khaw’s comments on the property market might have caused interested buyers to hold back their purchases for the time being as agents and developers saw slower home sales last week. For example, Terrasse in Hougang hit a single-digit sale figure last week, after having sold about 20 units in each of the earlier two weeks. However, sellers have no intention of altering their prices as they believe that sales will improve in July and August. Till now, Far East Organization has already sold more than 80 units at its Woodhaven at an average price of more than $900 psf. In Newton, 17 out of 25 units at Classique have …