Sorry in advance, I am about to hurl some very unkind words.

This kind of BULLSHIT gets me furious. Here’s what is up:

  • It is “specially tailor-suited for beginners so that no one gets left out!
    • Very conveniently, beginners are also the ones who can’t tell they’re being fed a bunch of nonsensical crap.
    • I personally don’t have much patience for beginners (or for being a beginner). I intentionally write PDT to only appeal to non-beginners. Basically because no one else does.
  • It is @ NUS!
  • You have no clue in hell who the speaker is!
  • The “VALUE” of this is S$1129! Selling ONLY for S$232! 80% off! Wah! 
    • Since we don’t-know-don’t-care who the speaker is, they can just randomly mark up the “value” to $100000000 and then mark it down for this discount site to $232. 
    • Excuse me, price …