Long ago, no, longer than when policemen wear shorts… Go back longer. When Chinese men still wear pigtails? Yes, that’s about right!

There lived a man in a Chinese village (why most stories happen in villages?) who wanted to buy a pair of new shoes in town.

He is a “precision” kind of guy. Everything has to be “exact” and “precise”. He loves to measure everything!

True to his nature, he took 2 strings and measured them against his feet. Cut away the ends, and presto! He got 2 strings that have exactly the same length as his feet. Confidently, he put them on his nightstand and went to bed.

The next morning, he walked to town with a spring in his stride. He’s gonna have new shoes!

On arriving at the shoe shop, he slipped his hands into his pocket and to his horror… He has forgotten to bring the strings with him!

Disappointed, he walked back home empty-handed.


Before you laugh at the man, how do you buy stocks?

At the very least, the man used the strings he measured himself…

(I am putting my magi-mee pot over my head now.)

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