U.S. indices have plummetted in the past 2 weeks with the Dow off by 1,237 points, or about 10% off the close on 29 July 2011. Some market watchers have pointed out that the U.S. market is cheapest in terms of valuation since Mar 2009. Thus, to assist some readers to shortlist some U.S. equities, I have sourced out the U.S. listed equities with the following criteria below and sort them by dividend yields.

1. Market Cap > S$10b;
2. Except for ETFs, companies should have recent analyst coverage.
3. Except for ETFs, companies should have FY2011F dividend yield. For ETFs, they have to distribute dividends in 2010. If not, they will be deleted from this list.

However, there seems to be some script error which prevented me from copying the 310 equities onto here. Readers who are interested can email me separately at crclk@yahoo.com.sg