When was the last time you heard yourself saying: “I am wrong?”

If you did, then you belong to the minority of people who are open to the idea that we can and do make mistakes. Or we take responsibility for what we say or do – and not play the blame game.

Next question:

How many of you say it this way: “I am wrong. How can I make it right?”

There’s a world of difference between the 2 statements! The latter one shows you mean it – sincerity.

Before I go on, for transparency, I must declare I am still stuck at the “I am wrong” stage. My Zen kung fu has not reached the latter stage. It’s still work-in-progress.

“How I can make it right?” is a statement not to be taken lightly. It means taking personal responsibility – and that could mean:

1)      pay for the damages;

2)      resign from your position;

3)      jail time;

4)      and so on…

OK, now that I have got the “context” out of the way, it’s the practical application for those who are not into philosophical musings…

Two weeks ago, after US debt got downgraded by S&P, the market fell apart. Some acted, some just watched. Can you remember the reasons you have acted or chosen not to act?

Are you still sticking to your original decision or plans?

If you are man (or woman) enough to admit: “I am wrong”; would you owe it to yourself to ask: “How can I make it right?”

As a cheerleader, I would like to cheer us on! Be selfish! Be nice to yourself!

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