This article is only relevant to Singaporean readers. Thank you.

If you have read my previous article on Standard Chartered Online Trading Pros and Cons, here are some important updates.

Dividend Payments Are Automatically Credited Into Your Account

I mentioned earlier that “Dividend Payments Require More Work, Are Delayed to Next month”. However, after sticking to my stock holdings in Standard Chartered Trading, I have discovered it’s not true. The SCB phone assistant clearly did not have a clue how the SCB Online trading works. You DO NOT have to mail back a letter to them for every dividend you receive. You automatically get the Dividend credited into your Standard Chartered account one business day after the Dividend Payment date. I apologize for the earlier confusion, I am sure the SCB employees are just as confused.

Stocks Are Held Through Custodian Account by SCB

Now I mentioned in the …