On Friday, Golden Agri broke the support at $0.65 and closed at $0.645 with LOW volume of 69.24 million shares traded.

The long black candle sticks with little upper shadow affirms that investors have no qualm in selling down the stocks.

Both RSI & MACD are flat as RSI turn sideways.

Important Resistance of Golden Agri: $0.65

Immediate Support of Golden Agri: $0.635

Currently prices are supported by the 20 days MA.

Since 5/Aug, prices have been consolidating along the key support of $0.62 and key resistance at $0.685.

The support at $0.62 and resistance at $0.685 is expected to be very strong.

Trading on this consolidating trend could be profitable and do watch it.

Stock Chart: Golden Agri! is contributed by : Singapore Stock Information Exchange

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