I read reports about the overwhelming demand for sale of “leftover” HDB units with amusement.

The statistics is 18,428 applied for 2847 units, which is 6.5 times over subscribed. And of course as with all statistics, the results may be bias. Some clean up of studio and 2-room flats need to be removed to better reflect the numbers as these units are only available to the minority who fit the criteria to apply. Then it will be 17,355 applying for 2264, which is 7.7 times over subscribed. Certain hot locations 5 room units can see demand exceeding 20 times over subscription.

This over shadows the 9476 applications for the 5415 units for the concurrent Built To Order (BTO) project, which is less than 2 times over subscription. With the anticipated drop out rate, I believe all the applicants for this project can get a unit even if they …