I been in and out of First REIT because it pays a good dividends and it is not very volatile. I usually hold some of my money there in this volatile time.

Today First REIT announces their third quarter results. Here are the highlights:

  1. Dividend payout is $0.0192, much higher than the $0.0158 paid out in the past 2 quarters
  2. Gross revenue for Q3 decrease by 0.5% to $13.7 mil compared to forecast mainly due to the absence of the rental income form the Adam Road property as a result of the divestment offset by the maiden contribution from Sarang Hospital acquired in August 2011
  3. Net Debt to Asset is currently 9.8%
  4. The trust has been engaging in preliminary discussions with its sponsor to acquire some of its upcoming properties to which First REIT has a first right of refusal

Overall a good set of …