We did an article some time back on HPH Trust. [Analysis here >>] Since then the price went down to a low of 59 cents and came back up at 68 cents. Why is this stock continue to be weak? Analyst are still thinking that there is a good risk versus reward for this.

  1. The general consensus during IPO was that HPH will grow 8.5% in 2011 and 8.4 in 2012. Turns out instead of growing based on GDP growth, volume have fell 4.6% instead.
  2. DMG Analyst think that the port assets owned by HPH are relatively mature and unlikely to deliver much more than single digit growth even if economic situation improve.
  3. CITI Analyst says the original estimate DPU was 5.9 US cents (45.88 HK cents) for 2011 and 6.59 US Cents (51.24 HK cents) for 2012 could be in …